Reader Submission: Enough

[Source. Image by Gabriela Bhaskar. Image description: Picture from a women's equality march. There are three predominant people in the image - one on the right hand side, holding a banner up with both hands, but it the writing can't be read as the sign is party cut off because of the positioning of the camera; someone in the middle, wearing a pink jacket and holding a sign up with one hand that says 'NO.' with an open mouth next to it; on the far left is someone holding up a sign with both hands reading 'I am a woman hear me ROAR'.] Reader submission by Margaux Bauerlein.

Underwear and dreams 
in a ball on the floor 
hidden away behind locked doors.

How many women will it take 
for men to understand 
Assault from Mistake?
That’s why we march and 
That’s why we stand 
High on the hill, making demands.

And while you scream to the sky
Not all men!
We must teach boys 
If not now then when? 

Before you roll your eyes away 
take some time from your day,
put yourself in higher heels 
To truly learn the way it feels 

Like when your body’s not your own 
When eyes devour parts not shown, 
why women carry keys at night 
Like animals attempt to flee or fight. 

Father, friend, worker, brother, 
Let there never be another.


    “Enough” is a poem that woke me up in the middle of the night screaming, “I MUST BE WRITTEN!” This piece is heavily inspired by the #MeToo Movement--which I am a proud supporter of. Although great progress is being made, I feel an overwhelming frustration at the persistent misogyny and violence against women that still perpetuates American society. I wrote “Enough” in simple, blunt language in order to mimic a chant that might be heard at a protest or an internal mantra.