Reader Submission: Tied Up

[Image description: Painting of a girl laying down on her side. She has brown hair and looks sad, Tears are rolling down her face into a waterfall.]

Cover art by Marcela aka tokyomoonlight. 
DeviantArt / Instagram

This submission comes from Emily Everson, from Newfoundland in Canada. 

This poem is called tied up, and I wrote it about how lies can lead us into trouble. When one little lie becomes bigger and bigger, and it gets harder to rationalize it in your mind, you feel trapped. That is where I got the inspiration from this poem. 

Tied up

Perhaps the rope that bounds my hands

protrudes from my own mouth

tied carefully with words I spoke

and tightened by those I won't

The burns that show upon my wrist

from roughness of the rope

match the harshness of my words aloud

sharply spilling, feeling broke

The tears that land on raw, red skin

mimic the soothing way of thoughts

their cooling floods the pain right now

but the ropes are not undone