Reader Submission: Has Anyone Told You?

Image description: A graffiti of a pair of hands. (Tim Mossholder/Unsplash)

This reader submission is by LAIBA. 

"It's about mental health my own personal experience. It's something that I wrote with empathy for others. I didn't get justice for my sexual abuse trauma and that's my way of gaining justice by inspiring if not using words to inspire others who may suffer like me."

Has Anyone Told You

Has anyone told you the pain we all feel?
when we sit in the darkness of our rooms
and we burst out the rivers that are compressed by the masks we hold
Has anyone told you that we are not attention seekers?
when we inflict the straight lines on our innocent skin and we cover because it's our secret
Has anyone told you that words are the most powerful thing alive?
so when you throw your words like a ball in the air
and we cry in your face
its because it hurts, it kills
it breaks us.

Has anyone told you that feeling low is not a joke?
so when you tell us to move on its been years, weeks, days even minutes we cant push the sadness hiding the monster sleeping in our black hearts away.
the monster isn't letting go of us.
Has anyone told you that we are one step to shooting the pain away as each day goes by
Our heart cries and our sadness laughs
we are on the step to ending the brutal suffering
after all how much can one take?

Has anyone told you that anyone with mental health no matter how bad is one community?
we are in this journey together. 
so if you judge them, you judge us.