Reader Submission: An Elegy For The Future

[Image description: In the forefront of the image is a drawing of a woman crying. Around her head are animals, such as a bear, fox and reindeer.]

Cover Art by Helen Bradshaw.
Reader Submission by Cayman Osei-Bonsu.

An Elegy For The Future

Tap, click, snap – sounds that sow our ear chords tightly;

But our ears are not the only ones privy to this performance –

So are our bodies, shackled to four walls and a transparent screen;

So I wonder, when did you last

feel the sunrays pinprick your soul and cradle it to sleep?

taste the tangerine scent of Petrichor,

(The Earthly smell smeared behind by rainfall.)

Hear the oceans kiss long-strewn beaches,

See daylight collapse into nature’s watery womb; over

the azure waters, and into fiery stardom.



Instead, we smell the bio-fabricated stench of endless plastics;

Hear the endless wheezing of machines; which consume our sleep,

And drain the battery bars.

We feel our health drowning in, what seems … trivial obesity?

We see a stir-fry of colours; mushed against one another in a

Hysterical frenzy, as they flicker upon a screen;

these garish colours are not the ones found in Nature, her colours

seem to cascade and fade into each other in a timeworn waltz,

like Day and Night.

Her longevity will outgun our brevity.

It has to.

It must.