Always in my Heart

[Image Description: A blue sky with white clouds, stars, and music notes. The words "Always in my Heart" are written across in cursive lettering.]

By Jazmin Diaz

On New Years Eve I found out that someone very close to me had passed away. What I had thought would be a fun night of celebrating turned into a night full of anguish and sadness. Going into the new year mourning a loss was the last thing I ever imagined. While it continues to be a painful experience, my grandfather’s passing gave me a new perspective on the way I had been treating life. I realized I was going through life chasing the things society told me would make me successful– a degree, a well-paying job, a “perfect” relationship, the list goes on. Rarely did I appreciate the little things that truly make life worth living for me—a walk in the park on a sunny day, making art in the middle of the night, listening to a beautiful song. I never liked the idea of New Year's resolutions. Most of the time it felt like a setup for false promises and disappointment. But my resolution not just for the year, but for the future in general, is to appreciate the things I often take for granted and do more of what makes me happy. For my grandfather, this was songwriting. For me, it’s creating visual art. My grandfather always believed in my art and so I wanted to dedicate my first piece of 2020 to him. You'll be in my heart always.
[Image Description: A portrait of an elderly man. He wears a grey shirt and a blue cap. The background is a blue sky with white clouds, music notes, and stars. The portrait is inside a gold frame. Two red roses are at the top right and bottom left corners of the frame. The vines of the roses wrap around the frame.]