The Disability-Positive Etsy Shop: Floteren

[Image description: A hand is holding a handmade keyring with pastel coloured letter beads spelling out ‘sick’ above a polka dot background.]

Who owns FLOTEREN Etsy shop?
FLOTEREN Etsy shop, Depop and Instagram is owned by Emily Bourne. 
Emily Bourne is a 19 year old artist, freelance writer and activist from London. Her love for creating things to make the world a little bit brighter is what motivates her to keep making and questing towards different things. Her current focus is writing, as she aspires to work in journalism. She is currently an editor and writer here at Risen Magazine and an assistant at Able Magazine.

[Image description: A hand is holding a multicoloured beaded bracelet. The bracelet spells out ‘warrior’.]

Why did she start her Etsy shop?
Emily has Fibromyalgia, and that’s what inspired her to start making disability-friendly products for her Etsy shop.
She said, “I had a flare a year or so ago, and I was so miserable. I felt so apart from other people my age - I felt alone in my experience. It was hard for me to talk about my chronic illness to anyone as I felt that it made me weird (I suppose internal ableism also made me feel like I wouldn’t be believed). 
So, one day I made a doodle about being chronically ill but still groovy. My boyfriend loved it! A little while after, I decided to list it in my shop and a few sales came in, but the thing that made me so happy was the feedback about how it made people feel: powerful.”

[Image description: Two sets resting on a pink background are shown. The sets both include a ‘Chronically ill but still groovy’ print, a note and a keyring with a spoon on it.]

Emily tries to highlight disabled people’s voices and dismantle ableism in other areas of her work, too. 

[Image description: A handmade keyring with ‘Crohns’ spelt in letter beads. The background is multi-coloured polka dots on a cream coloured surface.]
[Image description: 4 prints of the same design are organised in a spread. The print shows a drawing of a person wearing pyjamas and a tiara. In the top right hand corner of the print is the words ‘I AM A WARRIOR’ written in bubble writing. 
The pyjamas have phrases written on them: ‘I’ve been wearing these pyjamas for the last three days’; ‘It is okay to rest’; and ‘I am tired but i am strong’.]

[Image description: A bracelet is held in a hand. The bracelet says ‘SPOONIE’ in lettered beads. ‘Spoonie’ refers to a person with a chronic illness, according to the Spoon Theory.

[Image description: A keyring and bracelet are rested on a clear organza bag. The keyring says ‘SICK’ in lettered beads and the bracelet says ‘TIRED’ in lettered beads. The ‘tired’ bracelet is partly cut out of the image.]
[Image description: A drawing of a girl with pink hair and vibrant make-up, who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘My illness? Chronic. My tits? Iconic.’ Behind her is flowers.]
[Image description: Two bracelets are held in a hand. The top bracelet spells out POTS in letter beads, and the bottom bracelet reads WARRIOR in letter beads. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, aka POTS, is a condition in which a change from lying to standing causes an abnormally large increase in heart rate.]

[Image description: A multicoloured beaded bracelet is on top of a glittery background. In the middle of the bracelet are letter beads that spell out EDS. EDS is short for Ehlers Danlos Syndromes - which are a group of rare inherited conditions that affect connective tissue.]
[Image description: Pink beaded bracelet with the letters 'CFS' written in letter beads. CFS stands for chronic fatigue syndrome.]

Contact info:
Email her,, to get in touch! She's always interested in writing for magazines, illustrating your work and/or starting a new project.
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