Lessons I learnt at 20

Lessons I learnt at 20

By CJ Calanday

Reflections on the dawn of my 21st birthday.

(Image descriptions available at the end of the article.)

Solitude does not mean loneliness.

Pay attention to the energy you surround yourself with.

Take mixed signals as a no.

Treating yourself doesn't always mean spending money.

Heels just aren't worth the sore ankles. Your comfort is more important than looking good.

Solo dates are fun.
Know when it's time to go. Stop lying to impress others! 

University can be overwhelming, be proud of yourself for persevering.

It's not arrogant to say that you're good at something. Don't be scared to occupy space.

You don't know everything there is to know about yourself, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. 

Image descriptions:

  1.  Black continuous line drawing of a girl reading a green book.

  2.  Line drawing of a jar containing cartoon ghosts in red and green. 

  3.  Line drawing of 4 traffic lights, the two above have the green, amber and lights all lit up at the same time, the two below have the red light and green light lit up, respectively.

  4.  Line drawing of a girl with her hair in a towel, she has a green face mask on.

  5.  Line drawing of someone taking a red high heel off of their foot. 

  6.  Line drawing of someone holding popcorn and drinking from a cup.

  7.  Line drawing of a hand with a watch facing up, the watch has a red low battery symbol with the words “social metre”. The watch has red straps. 

  8. Line drawing of a graduation cap with red tassles.

  9.  Line drawing of a hand with the letters spelling “I can” written across the top of each finger.

  10. Line drawing of a hand with green nails holding a light bulb with a green light shining from within.