How It's Supposed To Be

[Embroidered white cotton of a girl from the back, wearing a pink jumper and red underwear. Artwork by Chloe Myers.]

How It’s Supposed To Be.

I want her to find me with his arms around me, draped across my

shoulders like a scarf, my grip tight on his bicep / I want her to 

find me in his embrace, the air around us positively charged, nobody 

able to resist the force we emit / I want her to find me on his 

tongue, in his speech, in the corners of his mouth, stuck in his teeth 

/ And I want her to tell me how wrong it is.

[artwork by Lauryn Pedley
ID: acrylic painting of a rose]

She would tell me that I can’t keep doing this, that I can’t keep 

gorging myself on his insides for fun / She would run her fingers 

along my skin, her gentle caress driving me crazy in all my favourite

 ways / She would feel like a feather in contrast to his rough hands, 

juxtaposing her soft breaths and low exclamations / And she would tell 

me this is how it’s supposed to be.  

[artwork by Lauryn Pedley
ID: acrylic painting of a banana]

Written by Emily Bourne.

Cover photo by Chloe Myers.

Artworks by Lauryn Pedley