[Image description: A ghost looks at its reflection in a mirror.]

By Jazmin Diaz

Sometimes on our bad days it is easy to feel like a ghost, existing but not living. This comic is a reminder that although bad mental health days can make us feel unlike ourselves, this feeling won’t last forever. It is important to acknowledge how we are feeling and learn to learn to cope in a healthy way.

[Image description: 7 panels arranged in a comic. First image shows a ghost looking into a mirror with the words “Sometimes I don’t feel like myself.” Second image shows the ghost alone at a coffee shop surrounded by people socializing in the background and accompanied with the words “I feel like a ghost existing but not living.” Third image shows the ghost looking sad and discouraged with the words “I have been under here for so long.” Fourth image shows the ghost laying in bed with the words “And sometimes I forget what’s underneath.” Fifth image shows the ghost painting a flower accompanied with the words “But something always reminds me…” Sixth image shows the back of the ghost staring at his painting. Sixth image reveals a young woman hidden under the sheet of the ghost looking into the mirror. The words “I will be okay” are off to the side followed by a heart.]