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Article by Emily Bourne.

For this article, I decided to interview Ruby as part of a series we have at Risen Zine called ‘Girls on the Rise’, because her project is as lovely as she is. Ruby herself is an inspiration, not just to other disabled people, but all types of people. Furthermore, her project ‘Chronically Cute Cards’ is wonderful and uplifting.

Hey, Ruby. For those who don’t know, who are you?
Hi, Emily. My name is Ruby, I am 23 and I’m a student at the University of Exeter.

Wonderful! You run a lovely project, what is it?
‘Chronically Cute Cards’ is a project which sends free, handmade, personalised cards to chronically ill and disabled people across the world.

Why did you set this project up?
I set it up when I was bed bound last year due to a CSF leak. I was spending lots of time in bed and connecting with people through Twitter and other social media. I wanted a way to connect with these people that wasn’t just virtually, so I set up the project to make people smile!

That is so lovely. So, what are your goals for ‘Chronically Cute Cards’?
My goals for the project are to simply reach as many people as possible and to sprinkle a small amount of joy into their life.

How important are donations to keep this project going?
This project relies fully on donations. Covering costs such as supplies and postage, this project couldn’t continue if it wasn’t for the generous donations from the public.

I see. How can anyone interested donate?
People can donate via the website, which is I will also list the specific links: Donations and Request a card.

We, at Risen, would like to say a big thank you to Ruby for letting me interview her! If you want to contact her, her contact information will be listed below. 

Ruby’s Instagram: @chr0nicallycute
Ruby’s Facebook: chr0nicallycute

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