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Article by Emily Bourne.

Hey, Risen Readers. Today I want to share some fundraisers that need some more love. If you can’t donate, sharing these fundraisers is also a big help! These people need YOUR help, we hope you can give it in whichever way you can.

However, this list is not exhaustive, so please keep this in mind. Marginalised people often encounter financial barriers that their more privileged counterparts would not. For every person here, there are 10, 20, 100 more - so keep your eyes open, circulate the fundraisers you see, and please donate if you can (especially if you are in a position of privilege).

[image description: image of Wednesday dressed in a pink poofy dress, with a buzzcut and a tattoo behind their ear. They are cuddling and kissing their cat.]

Wednesday is an artist, lgbtqi+ advocate and community organiser. They are 26 years old, struggling daily with their chest and they say binding is beginning to take its toll on them. Furthermore, their dysphoria causes them frequent mental distress and causes them to ‘hunch’ their back, which is beginning to cause back pain issues.
Accessing surgery on the NHS is an extremely slow process, as many people needing this surgery will know, and Wednesday feels that they cannot wait 2 years to get this surgery that they desperately need.
They say: “I've found a clinic in London which specialises in trans healthcare. I could access my surgery within months if I go this route. However, going private is wildly costly. I can't now afford this on my own. So, I'm reaching out to ask that if anyone can help me to attain this goal, I would be forever thankful.”

[image description: Sabrina in a wheelchair, wearing a red dress and lipstick, looking into the camera.]

Sabrina Ward is a 16 and a chronic illness warrior. She suffers daily from hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), Gastroparesis and more.
She has been dealing with constant chronic pain for almost 7 years. Her gastroparesis has also got significantly worse in the past 18 months. Since March 2018, she has been unable to eat anything at all without throwing up and she can only take around 250mls a day orally of fluids. She says, “We have had to go private to get a decent standard of care which we had help with paying and I’m now awaiting surgery to place surgical feeding tubes and a central line to be fed directly into my bloodstream via TPN.”
How can a service dog help? Here’s a few ways: the dog can alert family members if she passes out; if she does pass out, the dog can go under her legs to raise them up so the blood goes back to her heart and brain which could help wake her up; if she has a seizure, the dog can help alert people and be trained to apply pressure when the seizure has finished to help her regain consciousness.

[image description: a selfie of Alexandria pouting and looking gorgeous.]

Alexandria is a 21 year old Native trans woman from the Pueblo of Laguna. She says she created this GoFundMe because “I would like to take my transition a couple steps further by starting to medically and surgically transition. I am trying to raise 10k for the first surgery I would like to receive which would alleviate my dysphoria immensely. I plan to use the funds to help pay for in person fundraisers I have planned and for my recovery after surgery. I already have some money saved but would like to ask the community to come together to help support me.”

See the source image
[image description: Charlie posing for the camera, smiling, in front of a white backdrop]

Charlie Craggs is raising money for “essential surgeries (hair transplant / breast augmentation) because I've been transitioning for 5 years now and I'm tired- I just want to be done with my transition.”
She has saved a lot of money but is a working class trans activist living ‘in one of the most expensive cities in the world’, meaning it will take an unimaginable amount of time to raise the full amount, and this is essential to her so she can really start living.
She says: “I'm tired of waking up and feeling disgusted by how I look, this isn't about being pretty, it’s about being feminine, or rather not being feminine- it’s gender dysphoria.
“I can’t put into words how depressing it is to look in the mirror as a girl and see a receded hairline and a masculine figure. I spend over an hour everyday hiding these features putting wigs, corsets, padding and a tonne of makeup on to be seen as the girl I am. I want to be seen this way without all of this painful performance. I just want to wake up and be me, and these surgeries would grant me that wish.”

[image description: a photo of Walela smiling]

I suggest you read their story in full on their GoFundMe, but I will explain briefly here too: 

This fundraiser is for the sake of their hopeful remission as they need to focus on their health. This means they are unable to work, as it was making them more poorly.

If everything with their chemotherapy goes well, they will hopefully be off it in 3-4 years. The money they are raising will go towards allowing them to survive while they cannot work, meaning General Living Expenses, Herbal Remedies, Acupuncture, Therapy and Emergency Funds. 

You can also donate through PayPal:
And Venmo: Alonzo-Hunt-1

[image description: Austin taking a selfie with his dog. Austin is wearing sunglasses and a red top, and is smiling at the camera. To the right of him is his dog, looking up at his owner.]

Austin suffers with Fibromyalgia and these funds will “provide up to two months of medical care while I work to overcome unexpected obstacles and delays to accessing government benefits and continue the legal battle with my long term disability provider.”

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