How to: Learn about the d/Deaf experience

(Image Description: Six actresses from Deaf West's Production of Spring Awakening sign together on stage)

Article by Ellanora Lerner

I would like to preface this article by saying that I am not d/Deaf or hard of hearing, I do not have family that is, and I am not fluent in ASL. This article is solely aimed to direct you to resources to educate yourself about d/Deaf issues, culture, and experience. I started learning about this topic because I was interested in learning ASL (specifically after becoming interested in the Deaf West production of Spring Awakening)but this topic is crucial for all hearing people because it allows us to understand how to make the world accessible to d/Deaf and hard of hearing people. 

The videos below come from a variety of Youtubers with a variety of life experiences. Along with the videos linked below I specifically recommend checking out the channels of Rikki Poynter (ASL & English), Jessica Kellgren-Fozard (SSE & English), The Stews (ASL & English), Jazzy (BSL), and Sign Duo (PSE & English). All of them regularly make videos that are fully accessible to any English speaker on d/Deaf issues as well as a variety of other topics including sexuality, chronic illness, and parenthood. Use these videos as a jumping-off point, but remember just like any other marginalized group it requires work and self-checking to make sure that d/Deaf people are included in your activism and your awareness of the world.

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