Editors' Letter: April 2019

Dear readers,

It’s hard to believe it’s April already!
2019 so far has been... interesting, to say the least. The political climate is still up in arms; in the UK, where we are, Brexit is about as uncertain as ever. Over the last few weeks, we’ve witnessed debates around current affairs slide grow muddy with their moral consequences, e.g. America’s response to Jacinda Ardern’s gun reforms in New Zealand following the Christchurch massacre and Question Time’s debate over whether LGBT issues ought to be taught in schools. It feels like everything is fluctuating and questioning itself, regardless of how steadfast it might have seemed a few years ago.

It’s also been a busy, productive time for a lot of us. We’ve been writing dissertations and final major projects, or studying for exams, or applying for the next stage of our education, careers, creative ventures, lives… 

We’ve been thinking about this a lot at Risen: what a transient time this is for a lot of us. This leads quite nicely into a little announcement we’d like to make. We’ve been busy preparing our fourth physical magazine - and we’re excited to announce the theme for Risen Zine Issue 004 is ‘CHANGE’. This could be personal, social or political change; changes in culture, the environment, our own lives. And we would love to see your work, too!

Following from last year, we’re also looking for submissions from our readers for Issue #004. Send in your first drafts to risensubmission@gmail.com by April 15th for a chance to be featured; you will be paid for your submission if accepted.

Looking forward to reading your work!

Cia + Amelia x