[‘What i want to see in 2019’ is written over a picture ripped from a magazine. Cover piece by Emily.]

Article by Emily Bourne and Amelia A J Foy.

2018 is OVER. Now it’s time to focus on what we want for 2019. For this article, Emily has written a poem about what she wants to see in 2018 and Amelia has created some templates regarding what YOU want from 2019.

EMILY: What I Want To See in 2019

[Poem and image by Emily Bourne. Transcript below.]

I want to to see Jamie Windlust fuck up everyone’s uncle’s delicate ideas on the gender binary.
I want to see Piers Morgan shivering with fear every time he sees a picture of Munroe.
I want to hand out ‘What A Time To Be Alone’ to every b*tch who has ever hurt me.
I want aortists to draw racists and homophobes and all the shitty people out of this world.
I want to see people wearing art by Wednesday and gggrimes to Asda.
I want to see Elliewheels and her book thrive despite ableist dickheads.
I wanna see good people thrive in 2019.


AMELIA: What Do YOU Want in 2019?

On Instagram (@RisenZine), we asked for what you want going into the new year - here’s what you said:
  • “I want to write and create more”
  • “I want to see my work for what it is instead of having my view corrupted”
  • “Serotonin” (big mood)
  • “To understand my thoughts, learn how to cope with them and to know when to ask for help”
  • “I want to put myself first”
  • “I want to make more art and manage my time better”

Every year, people come up with resolutions - a lot of the time these are big and vague wishes. Here, we want you to focus on what specific things you want to achieve, don’t what to repeat and who you want around you (on or offline) when doing this.

So, we’ve made some templates you can use to make your own ‘What I want to see in 2019’:

[Image description: ‘In 2019 I am not…’ Art by Amelia.]

[Image description: ‘In 2019 I want to…’ Art by Amelia.]

[Image description: ‘My faves of 2018’. Art by Amelia.]

Fill in our templates and tag us on instagram! You will be able to find them in our highlight, “2019”.
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