Inspiring People You Should Follow

[Image description: phones, laptops and a tablet are laid down on the floor in close proximity. The image represents the technological age we are in]

Article and photo by Sophie

Hannah Witton

[Image description: Hannah holding up some of her current favourite things including two books, a vibrator and a retro camera]
Hannah is a Youtuber, writer and sex educator. She makes videos about sex education, mostly, as well as lifestyle and updates on her health. She is very open about her experience of having an ostomy which has resulted in her using a walking stick and discussing the changes in her everyday life. I find her work incredibly inspiring, especially the recent project she has done called ‘Surgery to 5k’ which shows her progress in completing a run after her major operations. Her resilience in life continues to inspire me and I’m so proud of what amazing achievements she has made in this last year alone.
Check her socials here:
Youtube  //  Instagram  //  Twitter  //  Blog

[Image description: a low angle portrait photo of Lizzo on stage at Reading festival 2018 wearing a pink and purple striped unitard]
A woman who I am obsessed with right now is Lizzo. She is a singer, flutist and general bad bitch who creates bop after bop with hard hitting lyrics that empower the listener. I saw her at a festival in summer of last year and she just owned the stage! With a fierce attitude and incredible talent, she was thrilling to watch and it has been wonderful watching her grow recently and completely demolishing the music industry.
Follow her Spotify, as well as checking out some very aesthetically pleasing music videos and her Instagram.
Dodie Clark
[Image description: Dodie is stood in front of some steps in a short yellow dress, smiling and holding an ice lolly]
Lovely Dodie is a growing musician and Youtuber who has a soft voice and calm demeanour. She uses her platform to speak about mental health which is vital for the younger demographic of her audience as well as working with friends and directors, Sammy Paul and Hazel Hayes, to create abstract, thrilling and emotive music videos. She has a talent for expressing her emotions in simple but effective videos and short songs that really capture moments of her life and brain patterns.
Watch her videos here and check into her Instagram and Twitter for life and music updates.
Romesh Ranganathan

[Image description: a red carpet headshot of Romesh at the Baftas wearing brown, square framed glasses]
Romesh is my favourite comedian at the moment: his blasé attitude and sheer bluntness to world events amuse me greatly. He has no filter when it comes to talking about his veganism, his culture and what it’s like living in the UK’s current political climate. I recently watched his BBC documentary about the Canadian Arctic and it was riveting to see someone report about a culture and a lifestyle with unfiltered opinions and a true depiction of experience. He did not skirt around how he truly felt about the freezing temperatures and what it was like watching a seal be killed before him: Ranganathan gave a very raw yet balanced view on the things he experienced as well as, of course, keeping a comedic element to the programme.
Find out more about him on his Instagram and Twitter.
Billie Eilish
[Image description: side view photo of Billie with long blue hair and wearing a bright purple jumper]
A chart topper and astounding performer, the world is hungry for is Billie Eilish. The seventeen year old has wowed us with her unique, airy voice that is incredibly well-controlled. It’s safe to say that we are all shocked considering her age as well as the themes she includes within her songs which are hard-hitting and relatable. She has faced criticism for her content because of how young she is, but as she has explained in interviews: age doesn’t dictate what you can and can’t experience, some people go through tough times much sooner than others and this is her way of expressing that. Her music videos are very emotive and hold a lot of metaphors which may not be recognisable in her lyrics.
Tune in and follow Billie’s Spotify, Instagram and YouTube.

Jamie Windust
[Image description: head shot of Jamie. They are wearing a rainbow turtleneck, face shaped earrings and signature red framed glasses]
Jamie is a non-binary QUEEN who is recognised for their individual style and creativity as well as being the editor for Fruitcake Magazine, an LGBTQ+ zine that promotes inclusivity and representation. They are very raw which their experience in a world which is still learning about our community as well as working with LGBTQ+ companies such as Gay Times and Pink News. They are incredibly inspiring to me and I love to see what influential changes they are making to our lives and the messages they continue to verbalise.
The following are their social media platforms:
Skye Purdon
[Image description: a selfie of Skye holding up a peace sign and wearing a long, bright pink wig]
I found Skye via Instagram as I enjoy scrolling through body modification tags and discovered her page which holds many images of her tattoos, piercings and body mods. She is also vegan and sometimes posts images on her story of accidental vegan foods or drinks as well as answering vegan related questions. Skye often showcases her iconic split tongue, glittery brows and gorgeous wigs, too: her looks inspire me to be creative with my own makeup and to not be afraid of changing things about my appearance or how people will react to it. Skye is also a sex worker; she has a NSFW Twitter page and a premium Snapchat that you can pay for interactions with her. I love that she is so open about her job and encourages her audience to learn how to respect this field and continue to support the community by paying for content that she and many others are making.
Jameela Jamil
[Image description: red carpet photo of Jameela wearing a black and white suit and tie]

Known best for her work as a host on BBC Radio 1 and acting in ‘The Good Place’, Jameela also utilises her voice to the best of her ability to advocate the understanding of mental illnesses and eating disorders. As someone who has recovered from an ED but still faces a daily struggle with the media’s representation of physical and mental health as well as Western beauty standards, Jameela voices realistic lifestyles as well as calling out celebrities for making the mistake of promoting brands and products that are detrimental to their audience. Watch this video for the latest scandal that upset many people and how Jameela approached it.
You can find her social’s here:
Nyle DiMarco
[Image description: Nyle has his arms crossed looking straight at the camera, smiling. He is wearing a light brown long sleeved sweater]
Someone who has inspired me to learn sign language is this guy. Nyle acts, models (having won Cycle 22 of ANTM!) and is a deaf activist. He posts short videos on Twitter and Instagram of himself signing as well as involving himself with political debates and showing his audience shoots he has done for catalogues and brands. He has a kind smile and makes his content accessible to the disabled community.
Dina Tokio
[Image description: Dina looking off camera, wearing statement gold earrings and a blue patterned jacket]
A working mum of two and a fashionista, Dina is my style icon. Her recent book Modestly tells its readers about individuality expressed through clothes and accessories as well as the inclusion of religion when deciding how to dress. She has a no nonsense approach and a lovable personality. Videos on her YouTube show her life as a busy mum with her husband Sid and together they show their around the world trips and parenting reality. I find Dina so funny and really enjoy watching her content as she is always so real and down to earth which is comforting as we so often see ‘influencers’ and ‘celebrities’ as characters rather than people.
Get fashion inspo from her Instagram and see what’s going on in her life via Twitter and her fantastic blog.