[Cover Image: An edited photo of Dodie, made by dodesedits on instagram.]

Article by Emily Bourne, Adele Luks and Keira Digaetano.

What are we doing and who is Dodie? ‘Dear Dodie’ is a collection of contributions from lovers of Dodie.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Dodie Clark is a singer-songwriter, author and YouTuber. She posts original and cover music on doddleoddle, her Youtube channel. She also posts vlogs on her side channel "doddlevloggle". The reason we have chosen to write this article is because of Dodie’s wonderful personality: she’s an LGBTQ+ icon, openly talks about mental health and provides us with honest music about growing up. She’s meant something to each one of us growing up in this weird time - so, this is us sharing our experiences.
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Dear Dodie, I found you at a rather dark time - and I guess you were going through a dark time too. It was during the time where you were really active on Snapchat (during the days where I even checked Snapchat) where you’d share not only the good, but also the bad (even the really, really bad). It really hurt to see you in that state because as much as I loved you as a person and as an artist, it was so demoralizing. Knowing that you were in a rough place while also going through shit was hard - because I knew that sharing all of this with us wasn’t working or helping, but I couldn’t stop and that helplessness to help you made me feel bad. But you grew. And I loved seeing that. I loved seeing you take care of yourself and learn how to deal with mental illness without putting on a fake smile for the camera and acting as if everything was fine. I really admired your honesty back then, and I especially admire it now. It is so hard to the world of social media, especially someone whose current career sprouted from social media, and I’m so happy to see you talk about it and also release bops (and I don’t even f*ck w/ indie music like that anymore).

[beautiful drawing of Dodie by arthatesabi on Instagram.]


Dear Dodie- I think that you’ve influenced me more than I’d like to admit. I was very much a Youtube kid, which I’ve (mostly) moved on from, and I’d spend my middle school evenings watching video after video of people who were the closest things I had to siblings. I found you through a cover of Shake It Off, but I definitely didn’t know at the time how much your bubbly personality and unabashed creativity would change me for the better. I found you when I was first starting to come to terms with being bisexual, and as I’m sure is true for many others, She was one of the first representative pieces of media I’d ever seen. That song defined my next couple of months and helped me bond with my first girlfriend. At the time, I had this dream of serenading her at a local open mic with She played on a ukulele (that I neither owned nor knew how to play, but the fact that that was even an activity that I let myself fantasize about speaks to the positivity you added to my life. While you figured out your young adult life, I was slowly growing into my current teen self, and I returned to your channel for reassurance, comfort, and compassion. I eventually did learn to play the ukulele (yes, She was the first song I learned), an activity that has made me friends, offered me opportunities, and served as a calming escape when I’m especially stressed- all because of you. I guess that all I’m really saying is that, whether you know it or not, your honesty and open mindedness have made me and many (many) others felt welcomed through times when all of us felt alone. Even as I’ve stopped trusting Youtube intrinsically and learned to reach out to others, waste my time on Netflix specials and not vlogs, I’ve never let myself lose touch with you. Past music, past you as an entertainer, you’ve grown over the past five years in the best possible way, and I’m so lucky that I ignored my history homework that one night, clicked on your video, and unknowingly grew right along with you.

[Cute drawing by _arty_katykat_. on Instagram.]

To conclude, Emily is going to give you a playlist of her favourite Dodie songs (alongside her favourite lyric from each):

6/10:’I know that you don’t want me here’

Would You Be So Kind?: ‘How are your lungs? Are they in pain? ‘Cause mine are aching’

When:’i’m sick of faking diary entries, gotta get it in my head, i’ll never be 16 again’
[image description: Emily holding a picture of Dodie’s book ‘Secrets for the Mad’ and smiling. P.s. she loved it!]