Article by Emily and Sophie
Cover photo by Frances Eridio.

The winter holidays are here so we’ve made a list of eco-friendly stores you can purchase from!

We’ve decided to include small businesses as well as larger ones, because even though they may not make the biggest changes, the littlest things make a difference.


Danuta runs a small business called ‘Danutekart’ doing what she loves - making mixed media steampunk canvases, cards and diaries that are not just stunning but made with recycled materials and so much time and love. Buying from this shop will not only support a person doing something they love, but it will also be a wonderful present for yourself or another.


Grlclb is a small business that sells shirts, totes, zines, stickers and more! The products fit into a feminist category - with shirts about ‘imaginary female trouble’ and ‘rainbows and flowers and unimaginable power, that’s what girls are made of’. But her products are also known for their stance on UK government - a popular slogan is ‘thou shalt never fuck a tory’ and ‘tories kill’.
This business has a clear conscience: no use of child labour; no use of forced labour;safe and healthy working conditions;legal labour contracts; payment of living wage; freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;no discrimination against employees; no excessive hours of work; sustainable manufacture.


Emily sells art prints and originals on her Etsy shop, using recycled materials to package her products and encouraging the envelopes her work is contained in should be recycled.



The Weekly Shop is a completely plastic-free shop selling eco-friendly alternatives to the everyday household products. Ships worldwide. The Weekly Shop sells through on an online shop, find here, and on market stalls in and around London.

Snatched from the website: “The idea for The Weekly Shop was born with the belief that individuals and the collective power of social media could translate into mass purchasing power, with the message to demand real change  from policymakers and polluting corporations to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.”


Lush are a vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company who make their products by hand in their UK based kitchens. They make hair, shower, body and makeup items. Their products are also great for stocking fillers and the bigger gifts would be perfect as a present for someone special.

Natural Collection

Natural collection is an incredible company who ensure that everything they sell is ethical and sustainable. They sell makeup, clothes, home and garden items and even gifts for the seasonal period.

The Humble Company


The Humble Company create dental hygiene products which are eco-friendly, vegan and do not test on animals. Their products include natural toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, chewing gum and cotton buds. This company also has their ‘Humble Smile Foundation’ whereby they give material and professional help to children in places of poverty in order to improve their dental health. They donate their own products and wish to scale their project in order to reach more kids around the world.


Fry’s make a range of food which is free from meat, egg, and dairy and some are even gluten free! Their range of meat alternatives in the UK are certified Halaal, Kosher and Shudda.

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Sadly, we cannot talk about them all, but just to bring attention to a few more we will list them below.

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