Nature's Finest

Nature's Finest
Photoset By: Helen Bradshaw

     Whenever I go to a second hand store, I am immediately drawn to the sections of vintage postcards. Over the past few years, I've collected some that highlight the beauty of the natural world, but I was always interested in how I could transform the images to reflect a dichotomy between pastoral beauty and our views of material beauty. The following collages focus on that idea, and are the perfect size for a phone background!

(Image Description: A young woman in a pageant outfit and a glittering orange crown sits in front of a field of poppies,and red rhinestones rest above her crown as a rainbow resides in the sky behind her. Photo of the woman by Raphael Albert.)

(Image Description: A large hand extends upward in front of a view of Yosemite National Park. A ferry full of passengers drifts by in the water below. The hand has a glittery nail and is highlighted by a pink rhinestone brooch.)

(Image Description: Two women stand side by side, one screaming and one crying. The screaming one has a blue and green brooch behind her head, and a hand cut off by a blue glittery orb extends towards her. All are in front of a sky.)

(Image Description: A large image of a woman and her dog rests behind a bush of flowers. Behind both is a large rock with a miniature couple standing on it, a multicolor brooch surrounding them.)