Snapshots of Boston

Photographed by Dajiana Huang

This past summer, I traveled to Boston, MA to study filmmaking at Emerson College for five weeks. These photos, captured on my iPhone 6+, are glimpses of the places I visited and the experiences I had during my time there.

(Image description: The sun sets behind a building, casting an orange glow into a grassy park.)

(Image description: The view of the Charles River from a grassy knoll.)

(Image description: Audrey Hepburn, in Roman Holiday, is projected onto a movie screen in a packed theater.)

(Image description: "LOVE ME" is scrawed with marker onto the side of a building.)

(Image description: A couple walks down a footpath in the Boston Common.)

(Image description: A graffiti-covered red telephone booth in Chinatown.)

(Image description: Chinatown Gate, decorated with hanging red lanterns and the Taiwanese and U.S. flags.)

(Image description: A man walks through a flock of birds in a park.)

(Image description: The underbelly of a highway, and the skatepark that inhabits it.)

(Image description: A crowd of people walk up a staircase to exit the underground subway station.)