Happy National Poetry Day, Readers!

In order to celebrate this year's National Poetry Day (and also to stay on-brand), I've decided to compile a list of poetry and spoken-word related posts and resources from the Risen archives: enjoy!

Here are some personal favourite poems we've posted: 

  • The Way She Loves Me by Emily - a touching, tender poem about girls that whisper that they love you '[as a friend]'
  • If They Knew by Amelia - a series of pieces by queer people about the struggle between owning your identity and maintaining your relationship with people who don't quite understand its importance
  • Flitter Flutter My Little Bird by Hannah Williams - a heartfelt poem about the bond between siblings and Down's syndrome from one of our readers
  • Moonstruck by Stella Nico - a poem about the sort of love that seems to halt all sense of rational thought
  • Going on Eighteen: Things the People I Love Say To Me by Peyton - a poem about growing up too fast
We particularly love doing group poetry pieces at Risen:
  • The Self Love Project - gah! My heart fully melted re-reading this! Essentially, we paired off and waxed lyrical/drew about ourselves and each other.
  • The Words Project - a part 2 is long overdue, I think! We all responded to a handful of simple prompts in various ways.

Looking to get started in poetry yourself? Risen's got you covered:

Cia xxx

P.S. Still hungry for more? Find poetry posts here. Email your poems (and drawings and paintings and music and so on) to risensubmission@gmail.com for a chance to have your work featured on the site.