Happy Birthday To Me

By: Kylie Langley

Hello readers! Enjoy this month's reader submission, from Kylie Langley, a 16-year-old from California.


[Image description: Collage of person in a sunny field with tap, sunflowers and cartoon 8-bit hearts.]

These sweet yet now bittersweet sixteen years have flown by. These sixteen years were such a crucial learning process but so minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

[Image description: Collage of two friends, one in a yellow checkered two-piece and one in black, with a flash camera and butterflies.]
If I were to chose one piece of advice to give myself for these many years to come, it would be to always remember that nothing is forever. Nothing.

[Image description: Collage of friends in a kitchen, baking cookies and washing up.]
With that being said, I want to remind myself to be present and savor every sweet little moment. Not matter how meaningless it may seem at the time.

[Image description: Collage of person outside a car at sunset, with star drawings, on rose bouquet background.]
I will forever reminisce all the sunrise and sunsets I’ve witnessed over these sixteen years. I will forever reminisce all the picnics, late nights, and moments I’ve captured with my camera over the beautiful sixteen years I’ve been gifted with. Now if you ask me, that’s the best birthday gift anyone could ask for. Happy birthday to me.