Girls On The Rise: Paige Wold

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Article by Emily Bourne.

Paige Wold is someone who has inspired me for a long time. She is a online fitness influencer; making accessible workout videos and healthy lifestyle tips. However, she also talks about her experiences with learning how to love herself and keep her motivation going through hard times.
I first came across Paige via her old YouTube channel, 28bff, where her video content includes costume shaming, advice, 3am thoughts and spoken word inspirational prose. This YouTube account is no longer in use, but she has a new one, Paige Wold, centering around her fitness and healthy living lifestyle. She also frequently posts on her Instagram story, describing her personal experiences and connecting with her followers.
I am happy to say I’ve been able to interview her for this post and she is as lovely as she seems. Enjoy!
CW: talk of dieting and exercise.

Me: Hey Paige! As an introduction to people who don’t know who you are, how would you describe your internet presence over the years?

Paige: Hey! Well, I began doing YouTube when I was nine years old; I was definitely hooked with the world of videography and reaching out to people online. My internet life continued up until my freshman year of high school. I was at a weird transition in my life and felt like I was at a creative block all throughout the rest of school. It wasn’t until my senior year that I finally had an idea of how to get back into social media and fitness was my portal. I could take my daily habits and put them online to not only keep myself motivated, but also help others get started in their healthy lifestyles.

Wow, it sounds like you’ve always loved to reach out and inspire other people. But what was it that inspired you to begin your healthy living regime?

I broke my wrist my freshman year and was in a full arm cast for 9 months. I danced competitively prior to the injury and was use to rigorously moving my body therefore my nutrition wasn’t a priority. As i was injured and ate junk constantly, my body definitely was affected. After I was healed I set out on a new journey to reverse what I had done and start new.

Ah, that makes sense. But why vegan? Surely eating healthy is hard enough?

Before going vegan, I seriously only ate nachos. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it; I was eating nachos. Eventually I began eating other processed foods and my health went downhill. Going vegan to me was a restart. A chance to adapt my taste-buds. As I began working towards the transition, which may I add was very difficult to say the least at first, I started diving deep into research and it became about way more than just my own health. It was about the environment, the animals, everything we are blinded to.

I assume this lead you to working out, too? So why did you decide to record your workouts?

I knew I wanted to get back into social media since I quit YouTube my freshman year of high school, but spent years trying to determine how to do so. Senior year it hit me. I workout everyday, why not film it to help others?

[image description: Paige taking a picture in front of the mirror, showing her body after working out]

That’s awesome! The video making must have made you nostalgic for making YouTube videos - why did you start your YouTube channel, 28bff, all those years ago?

I saved up change to buy my first laptop in elementary school. Once I realized I could make videos with it I signed up for youtube in 2009. The videos made no sense but it gave me something to do in the small town I live in. It wasn’t until a few years later did I realize social media could truly make an impact on people’s lives, causing me to want to take it seriously.

What made you quit?

I was bullied heavily my 8th and 9th grade year and being so young and vulnerable, I gave in. I don’t resent my past however because it’s made my soul ache to empower others. I never want others to feel the way people made me feel.

That’s awful to hear, but I’m glad you’re back at doing what you love and making videos again! Who inspires you at the moment and why?

My inspiration has never rested in others, but more so my potential. I know that I limit myself and I want to learn to step out of the cap I’ve placed on top of me. All of us are meant for greatness, we just need to let ourselves actually strive for it.

That’s not a reply I was expecting - that’s very eye-opening. Thank you so much for the interview!


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