Reader Submission: 'Eirene'

Paint smeared across white walls,
ice cubes tumbling into glass goblets
scooped up by a silver spoon,
batter scraped from the sides of the mixing bowl.
She wanted to satisfy their every craving.

Jug half filled,
water cold like Northern winds, 
fresh flowers wrapped in brown paper,
white curtains billowing to the sound of the rising tide.
She built worlds with discretion.

But one day her statue disappeared from the garden
and wars stained the golden fields.
The pale shores grew red with blood.
We forgot her in the stories we told our children.

And Eirene mourned the loss,
if not for herself, for them.
No rain fell that April,
only buildings,
torn stone by stone from the horizon,

The hungry stretching out their hands
to hold onto anything
but one another.
And Eirene mourns.


We hope you enjoyed this reader submission! The poem comes from Megan Loreto, aged 19 from California, USA; the illustration alongside it comes from Yasamin Zamanian, 18, from New Mexico, USA. For reference, Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace.