The Way She Loves Me

Poem by Emily Bourne.

A girl used to sing a song in the playground
[she loves me, she loves me not]
No. That's not quite right.
[he loves me, he loves me not]
That's what she used to sing.
She picked each petal
And dedicated it a line
[pick, flick]
He loves me.
[pick, flick]
He loves me not.
She told me to try it.
He loves me, [She loves me]
[flick, pick]
He loves me not,[she loves me not]
It turned out that he/[she] did not love me
So I flicked that last petal, kicked
the grass, she grabbed my hand
And saw the sadness on my mouth,
Told me we could find other boys to love
Whispered she loves me [as a friend]
But she still loves me not [as i loved her]
I nodded, we skipped, watched the boys
[so sweaty, so wild, so rough]
[she smelt of spring and I liked her frilly socks]
“Any boys you love instead?”
[Still you]
The one with the brown eyes.
[I really did love his brown eyes]
[but only because they looked like hers].