Chosen Family

[Image description: Lea and Mona sat on the deck of a lake, watching Tanja and Jack swim. Taken by me.]

Photoseries by Amelia A. J. Foy

I recently spent a weekend with my friends and girlfriend, in a cabin by a lake tucked away from the world. This pride month, I hope every LGBTQ+ person can spend time in a space where they feel safe to be themselves; especially if you cannot be out at home, as my friend(s) cannot. It’s a common phrase that gay people choose their families, and too often this is a necessity to survive in the world we live in. I feel eternally honoured and thankful to be part of this little, queer chosen family of mine, and these grainy photos captured just a snippet of that peace and joy and freedom we experienced together.

These are dedicated not just to my closeted friend(s), but every closeted queer person reading this. I see you. I love you. You are valid. You have more power than you know. I live everyday out and proud for you - and cannot wait for you find somewhere to be out in, too.

(DISCLAIMER: To protect my closeted friend(s), my friends will be referred to as Jack, Mona and Lea in the following image descriptions. Tanja is my girlfriend.)

[Image description: My girlfriend and I cuddling on a sofa in low light. Taken by Mona.]

[Image description: Jack on the sofa doing sudoku puzzles, silhouetted against open windows. Taken by me.]

[Image description: Lea holding a bowl of cereal in the kitchen in low light, face hidden. Taken by me.]

[Image description: Jack, Tanja and I on a forest path, all bending over to check our legs for ticks. Taken by Lea.]

[Image description: Lea facing the lake with a beanie on. Taken by me.]

[Image description: Jack grinning in the lake, with the left side of the photo blurred by my thumb. Taken by me.]

[Image description: Tanja washing her hair in the lake (using all-natural, non-chemical shampoo, obviously), grinning. Taken by me.]

[Image description: Mona posing by the lake with a fly swatter in hand, which matches the colour of her shorts. Taken by Tanja.]

[Image description: Jack at a bench in the forest, doing sudoku puzzles again. Taken by Mona.]