The Diary Project Volume II: Hedda Älveby

Remember the Diary Project? Its second instalment comes from Hedda, 15, from Gothenburg, Sweden. Enjoy! (English translations are provided beneath each image).

Wednesday p.48

Today it struck me how far I actually have gotten.  Not only in my recovery but in my development as a person. It struck  me that I feel strong and clear in my essence. I have only lived for a short fragment of the life I hopefully will live, but I have gotten to that point where I have at least started to build my person. Have begun to find my own thought and created my platform of beliefs on which I stand on. And, I am no longer afraid of myself to the same degree.

I feel more and more comfortable in my own body. No longer as self conscious and also, finally beginning to be able to see things beautiful about myself. Something that is very much needed.

Just think how far I have come, and how far I will come. Half a year ago I was more of a self centered little figure constantly pulling and digging in my past.

  1. Study of skulls. See documentary until Friday
  2. Don't complain over perceptive experiences. Why do we complain over that that makes the complete experience? What is it that makes the perceived impression seem disturbing, (white noise etc). Note the things that is abnormal from the expectation of the experience

  1. February 14th at about 2.08PM. Man while traveling over Öresundsbron. He got off at Kastrup (CPH airport), carried a black Fjällräven backpack.
  2. Card from the Thorvaldsen museum. The motiv on the card is modified in an interesting way. Two very separate elements creates something that feels surprisingly obvious.

2015/218: a travel diary
- Today after breakfast we went to Glyptoteket. We got there 20 min early so we went on a short walk around the neighbourhood. When we got back it was open. I really enjoyed the visit I was moved and ended up crying in the Athena hall.
- Had lunch at the cafe in the palm room ( vegetable soup carrots, green kale and grapefruit.)
After lunch I bought a few things in the shop.
- Went for a walk in the city, went with A to that fantasy shop

You looked for a flower
and found a fruit.
You looked for a well
and found a sea.
You looked for a woman
and found a soul –
you are disappointed.

  • Edith Södergran