To Be Young

By Amy Krimm

The other evening, over dinner, my parents and I were reminiscing about my childhood and all of the fond memories we have. One thing that always stands out to me about my childhood, and really with all children I encounter, was my ability to completely immerse myself in an imaginary world of my creation. I would spend hours formulating elaborate stories and characters both by myself and with my sister or friends. I miss that freedom and the sense of ease that comes with knowing that while you might not have it all, anything you could possibly desire is at the fingertips of your imagination.
 For this series, I channeled this youthful creativity to add digital drawings to some of my favorite photos from my childhood. Whenever I see these photos, a wave of nostalgia passes over me. Bringing my childhood fantasies to life through this series has allowed me to appreciate the innate creativity of a child and to grasp on tighter than ever to whatever ounces of this creativity that still remain within me.


“Flowering Winter”

“Flying Pumpkins”

Image Descriptions:
1. “Dancing”: Two little girls (myself and my best friend Rosie) dance in the middle of a room. Drawn on are crowns for both girls, a cape for Rosie, butterfly wings for myself and an underwater scene in the windows.
2. “Flowering Winter”: Two little girls (myself and my older sister Audrey) stand in winter coats outside of a door. Drawn on are flowers growing from the house and from the girls’ hands.
3. “Flying Pumpkins”: 4 year old me sits in a pumpkin patch beaming up at the camera. My hair is a cropped blonde bob and I am wearing blue overalls. Drawn on to each of the pumpkins are faces and wings.