The Winter Months

Photographs by: Amelia A. J. Foy

As we leave winter behind (at last), I want to remember that it wasn’t all gloom and doom. Even with the cold weather and seasonal depression and the slow pull through school, there were good times - times I cherish. This is a series of disposables taken whilst visiting my girlfriend in Sweden.

Morning routine.
[Image description: Blue-tinted photograph of my girlfriend standing in her kitchen.]

Lazy day.
[Image description: Tanja’s dog laid on the end of her couch in the shadowy living room.]

Meeting the neighbours.
[Image description: Tanja petting one of the neighbourhood cats in the snow.]

Lunchtime walk.
[Image description: Tanja holding a smoothie bundled up outside a tin house, trees in the background, smiling.]

When the sun finally came out.
[Image description: Sun shining on a small neighbourhood, with dirt paths, bare trees and a greenhouse.]

The Kiss.

[Image description: Selfie of us kissing, bundled up in bed.]