Flood in a Paper Cup

Cover art and article by Emily Bourne.

A series of overly emotional pieces of art:

[post from tumblr/source: image of “how to feel real again” typed into google]

I hope my soul always stays with yours. Even when the universe has reduced to nothing again, and every atom is ripped apart – I want to be with you.” - a journal entry.

[image description: a text in a blue bubble reading: “I’m just so sick of being ME sometimes, like i feel like nobody would choose to hang (out) with me over someone else, you know?”]

[image description: displaying the Facebook homepage status, “What’s on your mind?”]

“I am too full of life to be half-loved.”
— Ijeoma Umebinyuo, Questions for Ada (via books-n-quotes)

[image description: a drawing of a girl with the text: “i cried so hard i could blow bubbles in my spit, the tsunami of tears healed my acne scars, my head is left pounding / but you were always able to make me cry then walk away and make lunch leaving me curled up in my bed wishing i had somewhere or someone to miss / i     can’t     escape.” Drawing by Emily]

I thought i’d finish on something less moody, because for every yin there’s a yang:

[image description: source.]


About this piece:

* I decided to compile a bunch of different things i’ve been feeling lately as a documentary of my emotions, but also to show that it’s okay to feel these ways. Furthermore, without the bad, we wouldn’t appreciate good.
Additionally, I think we should all be a lot more open about how we feel, because it might help someone else come to terms with their own inner conflict. Feeling down or feeling too much isn’t a weakness, it’s a way of knowing you’re still alive (and that can be a victory in itself).

* The title, ‘Flood in a Paper Cup’, comes from a section in one of my favourite books: “I’m a flood in a paper cup”. Jandy Nelson writes such beautiful similes and metaphors, in her book ‘I’ll give you the sun’ ( the book in which i extracted this quotation from) - her writing is pure poetry.

* P.S. you are worthy of love and are in no way hard to love (don’t let anyone tell you different)!