10 Collage Lockscreens

by Cia

A series of collaged lockscreens/ wallpapers to spice up your phone - hold down to download on mobile. Images from National Geographic, Vogue UK, Frankie Magazine and others.

Image descriptions:

  1. Collage of Adwoa Aboah’s head atop an older woman’s body, holding a yellow bouqet of flowers over her arm as if it were a handbag; in the background, a detail of gold earrings with ‘I felt miserable - when Keats felt miserable, he put on a clean shirt. But he was a poet.’ from Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit written on top.
  2. An older man sits, pensive, with limbs painted in a glittery blue; beneath him, the caption ‘THE EARTH IS ROUND HIM LIKE A BITE’.
  3. Dozens of circles drawn in silver crayon - the inner half traced over with black biro - covered in holographic glitter.
  4. Brown sandals on top of an aerial view of a suburban neighbourhood.
  5. Painting of a woman in a pink dress holding a yellow fan on a green background; her dress and the black outline surrounding her are covered in glitter
  6. One bald woman shaves another woman’s head in the midst of enlarged lipstick bullets.
  7. Top third: Brian Cox points to a Powerpoint of the cosmos. Middle third: a group of hijabi girls in pink stand in a classroom. Lower third: Adwoa Aboah in a Burberry advert with a deep pink circle partially covering her face.
  8. A green-orange sea creature emerges from the middle of an orange blouse. To Be Explicit by Caroline Bird on one of the shoulders. Space in the background.
  9. A man in a barber’s with a burnt orange background
  10. A woman smiles in front of a concrete wall; a pillar behind her is covered with glitter