Songs for the Equinox

A picture of from under a tree with green leaves and paper pomegranates

The spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, including London where I am sat right now, is tomorrow on March 20th. After the near apocalyptic period of snowfall we had in the UK some weeks ago, the onset of spring is being welcomed with more energy than I have ever seen. Here are 10 of my favourite songs to help ease the new season of growth and sun in:

  1. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful- Florence + The Machine
Released in May ‘15, this song came part of a long awaited album of the same name.  The lyrics themselves, particularly “and every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips”, have a buoyancy that reflects the movement from dead of winter to the brightness of spring that we have awaited for so long.  

  1. After the Storm- Kali Uchis, Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins
The obvious concept of weather in this song begs for it to be in this list. While the message of the song is one of self salvation, we can literally apply it to the fact after suffering the dark and snowy nights of winter, we can find a better place to be because “after the storm's when the flowers bloom”.  

  1. Natural Supersoul- Superfood
I love this band, and luckily got to see them live when they supported Wolf Alice a few months ago. This song definitely has the calm and smooth feeling that goes with spring, contrastly to the hype of summer. The optimism is something that is necessary when making this transition of the seasons, and gives us the hope we can find  “find the thing that shines the most”.

  1. LDN- Lily Allen
The opening line of this song encapsulates the feeling of the sun when you’re “riding through the city on [your] bike all day”. I grew up with this song and, while the lyrics are somewhat questionable, the actual musicality of it always gives me nostalgia of this one particular park in my London borough with the sun bouncing off the windows of the shopping centre nearby. A certified 2000’s anthem.

  1. Spring- Two Door Cinema Club
Frankly it would be insane not to have this on the playlist. I was 11 when this came out, and all of Two Door Cinema Club’s discography gives me crazy nostalgia, but the opening line “I had watched you taking in the spring” and the image of “dusty sun-kissed bodies” is genuinely the most apt description of spring and the change it forces in people always pops up in my memory this time of year.

  1. The Heat - Jungle
This used to be one of my favourite songs, literally on repeat constantly. The whole of this self-titled is perfect for this season, but the name of this song clearly makes it the obvious one to choose. While the actual meaning of ‘heat’ varies in the song it does sometimes literally mean the heat of the sun, and hopefully spring will have the same energy winter did and “bring the heat”.

  1. Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar ft Drake
While it doesn’t explicitly talk about weather or the season, the Janet Jackson sample and the flows of Kenny and Drake make the song delicious. When I listen to it, immediately the image of sun in the city hits me, and this has been a classic since 2012 for good reason. My favourite line is funnily the only one that really does connote spring, when Kendrick poses the question “If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?”.

  1. Entertainment- Phoenix
I have no idea what any of the lyrics of this are apart from the chorus because of the warped indie voice that is reminiscent of the “welcome to my kitchen, we have bananas and avocados” vine, it is the drums (that I once tried to learn, and failed) that makes this song properly encapsulate the energy of spring. Out of my intensive indie band phase, this is one of few songs that remains with me and playlists. It makes me feel oddly powerful, as if the weather permits me to do absolutely anything and I can say to my friends “I'll take the trouble that you have in mind“.

  1. Perfect Places- Lorde
How could I not include a Lorde song? Melodrama is widely accepted as one of, if not the, best albums of 2017 and rightly so. Perfect Places inspires us all to find a “graceless night” and bury ourselves in those messy nights. Spring marks the start of a later curfew for me because of the longer daylight, and the warmer weather giving me the chance to spend more time outside. Lorde herself said this song is about people who are trying to “transcend”, and this clicks with me as something that automatically comes with moving from winter to spring.

  1. Chronic Sunshine- Cosmo Pyke
Cosmo quickly became of my favourite artists after I saw him as a support in 2015, and seeing him a few weeks ago supporting Kali Uchis was such a beautiful night. This particular song I was singing at the top of my voice even though hardly anyone else knew the words, but genuinely it reminds me of that feeling of euphoria that is so specific to concerts and hot days. The name itself lends itself to the season, and the final line of the the song that “chronic sunshine’s forever” means, to me at least, that there is a feeling of being stuck in a sunny day. Cosmo might disagree.

Hear all of these songs in one playlist here, and comment below with your favourite songs at the moment!