Observations in an Art Museum

Photographed by Dajiana Huang

Photographs taken on a recent day trip to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Instead of choosing to simply photograph the artwork, I chose to instead try to take note of beauty of the the environment around me and capture that instead.

(Image description: A woman wearing an all-black outfit faces away from the camera and observes the colorful display of posters in front of her.)

(Image description: A man walks behind a piece of architectural artwork that almost obscurs him completely from view.)

(Image description: Two people walk across a  bridge suspended in midair.)

(Image description: People walk next to a staircase, photographed through a window.)

(Image description: The ceiling of the museum is reflected in the blue water of an art exhibit.)

(Image description: The view from the top floor of the museum — a colorful mix of buildings of all different shapes and sizes.)

(Image description: A grey, brick building is seen through the window of the museum.)