Happy Mother's Day!

Article by Emily Bourne, Amelia Foy, Daniela Ramirez and cover image by Amy Krimm.

To our mothers and their love for us:

[image description: drawing by Emily Bourne of a foetus in the womb. She used Da Vinci’s work as a reference.]

A message to my mother, from Emily:
Dear Mother,
Thank you for looking after me and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for helping me whenever I need it. And for doing things for me without me even asking you to. I adore you. You are so amazing to me and everyone you meet in your life. You are an amazing woman. And a beautiful mother.
All my love.

A poem by Amelia:

the muffled voice
beyond these walls they
call me into life
into an explosion of light and
crying and touch, feel, warm
like your voice
it beckons me closer
closer than here
closer than curled up under your heart
I have found the safest place
in this wide universe which I am yet
if I am held as tight
as you hold me in here
I will not fear the world
when the time comes for me to
join you.

A poem by Daniela:

The heartbeat that lulled me to sleep
Is my one sense of consistency in life
As a child and as a woman I will still turn
To rest my head upon your chest
For when your arms wrap around me
I am reminded that
I am here, I am alive,
I exist
And I will listen closely to you,
With your soft words that caress me,
Infinitely with affection
And I am reminded too that
I am here with you
And I am loved by you unconditionally

Finally, we'd like to inform anyone who is struggling this mother's day that you can call the Samaritans on 116 123. The number is free to call and discreet.