Reader Submission: Flitter Flutter My Little Bird

Happy February, readers! This month, we thought we'd showcase this incredibly heartfelt poem by Hannah Williams for her brother Sammy. 


My little brother has Downs Syndrome. As a family we have had very hard times: if something goes wrong Sammy can just fly into a rage and be hitting and screaming and he will throw things and break our stuff when he's angry; he can be very rude at the drop of a heart, yet he is such a blessing. But I love holding his hand as I walk through town and people stare at us, I feel like saying "This is my brother, I adore and love him, it's tough but I love him every moment of every day." I feel so blessed to be his sister. Thing is, it's still very difficult and not many people talk about how tough it is when Downs kids fly into a temper. There's not much support out there for us and so sometimes you feel like it's just you, surviving by yourself. Sometimes my parents feel embarrassed  and humiliated when he kicks off in public. But I don't. I think the people standing there, pretending not to see us, should be the humiliated ones. They aren't doing anything to help us.
So poetry is a way to help me pour out some of the problems, some of the ways I feel through hard times when all you can think about is the bruises and tears, the loneliness, and through the good times when you feel like your heart is positively bursting with happiness and joy as you stare into their shining eyes and feel their little arms around you.


Flitter Flutter little bird
As in your mothers womb you stirred
In there you peacefully slept
Flittering, fluttering about
And I waited for you without a doubt.

Joyfully, my bird of song
You were born, now you belong;
Flittering, fluttering my little bird
As I hold you in my small arms
I vow to protect you from all harms.

Then when you were a babe so sweet
Smiling, handsome, oh so complete!
Flitter, flutter little bird
They told us you disability
They told us of your fragility.

They told us of your Downs,
Your syndrome, oh how it sounds!
Flittereth, fluttereth my little bird
As you grew and grew and grew
What difficulties we knew!

Oh how difficult it is my bird of dance,
How sometimes it seemed like a trance!
My flittering, fluttering little bird,
Yet through it all I never blamed you
That would not be the thing to do.

Instead I feel an unfathomable love
As I look at you and the saints watch from above
Flitter, flutter my little bird,
As I feel a love so deep
Like a faithful, so tense, leap!

Sammy, how beautiful you are
From you I never can go far,
Flittereth, fluttereth my little bird
As I watch my gorgeous brother
As he talks with my mother.

As you talk in your own language
We don't see you disadvantage
Flittering, fluttering little bird,
Because we look at you with a love so great
We can understand and communicate.

Oh my flittering, fluttering little bird
You have within me stirred
A love for you that is so bold
It is worth precious gold.

Oh flitter, flutter my little bird
Flitter, flutter my King bird.

collage by Cia - find out how to submit here