Reader Submission: "This Is The Wonderland" by Meredith LeMaître

[Image description: A pale green overlayed image of a tired person, with the words "THIS IS THE WONDERLAND" on top.]
Cover art by: Amelia A J Foy

Happy New Year, readers! We want to start off 2018's reader submissions with a poem by 13-year-old Meredith LeMaître, about "the rise of fake news, terrorist attacks and the exhaustion of not knowing what to believe any more." You can find her work in Hebe Poetry Magazine, Foxglove Journal and Now Then Manchester.

Thank you, Meredith!


This is the Wonderland

World whirling,
Its pirouettes run rings around me 
  reality blurs
                          like a teardrop
       on paper:
                         I don't know 
what to believe.
                         This is the Wonderland,
Except these distorted 
       mirrors are for disasters;
               And unlike Alice

New catastrophe 
      on the news every day:
Presenters with prisms 
      refract calamities,
     I have to piece 
The parts together again,
Sew the colours of blood back 
Into a rainbow of terror.
What happened 
                          to the 

I just want to hide ,
To curl up under my duvet and hibernate
            the horrors are displaced 
Form their home behind my eyes
my dreams aren't haunted 
By others' screams.
                              But I'll survive.


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