A Series of Untitled Poems

[Image description: the words “a series of untitled poems” are written in white over a grainy photograph of dark trees in a blue-hued forest. Stars are drawn over the photograph in gold.]

Poems by Vivian
Art by Amy Krimm

A series of short poems on feeling blue and the observances of everyday life.


I wish the seas would
wrap me up
and drown me in their

melancholy I wish
to join the
naval army of

coral colours I wish
the mattress
sometimes weren’t

so small the azure
where I dreamt upon

sea foam and ether
I wish
the waves would envelop me

with their cobalt robes

[Image description: a girl resting her arms on a ledge with her head propped up is sketched in white pen over a torn-out magazine page of blue. Gold polka dots are drawn in below the ledge line.]

untitled II

dried plants scatter
the painted windowsill
even as
she takes to
submerging in minor
chords in the
showers where lavender
soaks into skin
and time stretches out
into eternity

taken to grim smiles and
studying the lines of a
hard-etched smile it
was as if there was
almost nothing
but the coda of a
bygone memory

[Image description: a girl with long hair is sketched in white pen over a torn page of dark green textures. Stars and dots are drawn in gold to the right of the girl.]