Tips for the New Year: A Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

By Amy Krimm
White text reading "Happy New Year!" on a purple background with stars

“New year, new me.”

December 31st brings celebrations, partying, and (if you’re like my family) banging pots and pans together to welcome in the new year. But along with the apparant joy, it can also bring stress and pressure.

First of all, the idea that between 11:59 December 31st and 12:00 January 1st we will all miraculously become new people is ridiculous. Like most things, growth takes time. Sure, I get it. The New Year is supposed to be a symbolic date where you can reflect on what worked and didn’t work in the past year and resolve to make amends in the future. And I’m not saying that New Year’s resolutions are only bad; I believe that setting goals for yourself is important to happiness and success; but many people try to change too many things about themselves at once. 

If you’re like me, and the idea of New Years intimidates, confuses, and overwhelms you, fear not! Here is a guide I’ve developed for myself and adapted to a broader audience about the do’s and don'ts of New Year’s resolutions. Let’s call it “New Year, Similar Me.” 

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Having trouble thinking of resolutions? Take this quiz to guide your thinking!

If you’re still stuck on New Year’s resolutions, here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with in past years. As always, feel free to make adjustments to make these goals fit with you! Happy New Year!
Do 20 pushups every day

Actually fill out my planner and write down my homework

Unpack my lunchbag as soon as I get home from school

Try out yoga-- see if I like it!

Make my bed every morning

Drink at least 50oz of water a day (maybe buy myself a fun water bottle as an incentive!)