Reader Submission: 'Sadness' by Cole Marshall-Phillips

Hey, readers! We hope you enjoyed our previous installment of December's Reader Submissions! This time, we're bringing you a (frankly stunning) oil pastel portrait by Cole Marshall-Phillips.

So this piece if it was to have a title I would probably call it ‘Sadness’.

I’m doing this thing at the moment where I do oil pastel portraits of faces in monochrome to try and get me to understand colour, better but to also develop my understand on how colour affects people.  I was inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period so I decided to do this portrait in all blues. I feel like the cool colours and the fact that the model is looking away from the viewer implies that they cannot look them in the eye due to some kind of conflict. When I see the colour blue, I associate it with feeling upset so I think that’s why the overall atmosphere is one of sadness as the neutral facial expression gives no physical cue to indicate that emotion. 

Cole is a 17 year old from West London -