Reader Submission: Photographs by Celka Rice

Happy December, readers! We've decided to kick off this month of content with some reader submissions: we absolutely loved these photographs sent to us by Celka!

ARTIST STATEMENT: These photos were taken in a velvety blue business class compartment which a friend and I had flirted our way into coming home from D.C. As we pulled onto the brick clad Baltimore streets evening light struck- all golden glimmer and utter ethereality. Writing this, my thoughts keep returning to that moment, and I find myself rocked gently to the rhythm of an Amtrak train. Slowly the memories fade, and my mind returns to college admissions and AP Spanish homework. Only the photographs remain, an adolescent adventure trapped forever in sticky-sweet amber glass.

A girl sitting in a train car stares fearlessly into the camera.  

A girl seen from behind glass, clothed in an oversize denim jacket and smiling slightly.

A girl bathed in golden light checks her phone.

Celka Rice is a 16 year old living in Baltimore, Maryland.