A Look inside the Latin American Museum of Art

By Jazmin Diaz

I recently attended the Museum of Latin American art in Long Beach, CA with a friend. The museum had a large variety of art from paintings to sculptures to films. Being Latin American myself, I really resonated with many of the works of art. Here are only a few of my favorite pieces.

This piece is titled "Wholesale Degradables" and it is by Jamaican-based artist Camille Chedda. The piece is a set of plastic bags with the faces of black men painted on them. Below each face black text reads "This bag is 100% degradable." The piece calls upon the degradation of black men in society.
This piece is titled "Lost at Sea" and the artist is Edouard Duval-CarriĆ©. The piece shows the face of a man in the middle of an ocean. In the background you can see an abundance of sparkles plants and trees on an island. The meaning behind this piece was difficult for me to interpret but it’s eccentric nature made it one of my favorites.
This next piece is from a series titled "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" by Glenda Salazar Leyva. It is a photograph of a flower. The letters on each petal spell out the word "lucha" which means fight in Spanish. I really enjoyed this piece, as it shows a symbolic meaning that even the most fragile things can endure a lot.
Overall, my experience at MOLAA was wonderful. I did not take very many pictures, as I wanted to enjoy the art as much as I could. I think that anyone who gets the chance should visit this museum as tickets are reasonably priced and the art is truly beautiful.