A Christmas Zine

A Christmas Zine

Created by Emily Bourne.

We’ve created a zine for you this Christmas! It’s easy to print off and fold into a cute and convenient zine, which can be used as a Christmas card or little gift (for yourself or others).

[image description: the zine itself
Disclaimer: parts are cut off due to unfortunate positioning when scanning.]

Visual Instructions:
[Download the image of my zine and print out before beginning instructions]

These instructions are from reprozine, which can be found here: https://www.reprorightszine.us/ therefore all credit for the visual instructions goes to them!

Extra notes: The zine may not fit the whole page so cut off any excess!

We’d love to see pictures of you with your zine and hear what you thought about it!
Feel free to tag us in your christmas zine posts:
Instagram: @risenzine or the creator’s instagram @floteren

Happy holidays, Risen readers!
From the Risen team.