Spooky Scary Celebrations

By: Amelia Foy & Charis Huling

Happy (belated) Halloween from everyone at Risen! We hope you had a spooky, scary and safe time this year. We’ve put together a spooky scary conglomeration of art and comics to celebrate the occasion. Enjoy!

[Image description: Three photos. The first is Charis with her art, the second a photo of the tarot card and the third a scan of it. Depicts different inked faces in black, white and pink and reads "Les Etoiles" at the bottom.]

I decided to make a piece incorporating all of the astrological signs in the format of a tarot card. Tarot cards are often used to talk about the past, present, and future. Using hand-done ink drawings (staying up until 5am to do so was the spookiest part!), Adobe Illustrator, and hand-detailed gold ink, I was able to make this 31x55” card.

Will your future be a trick or a treat?


I know the undead are supposed to be scary and all, but I can’t help thinking of them as the nicer beings of the supernatural bunch. They’re just like us, but dead, right? I sure hope I can joke and hang about in the afterlife like these guys and ghouls do.

Scan0078 - Copy.jpg
[Image description: A four-panel black-and-white comic of a skeleton and a ghost. Panel 1: ghost: “What’s wrong?”, skeleton: “I guess I don’t feel very spooky today…”. Panel 2: ghost: “Give yourself a break!” Panel 3: Skeleton breaking his arm off. Panel 4: ghost: “Harold no.”]

[Image description: Black-and-white picture of ghosts and a cartoon girl floating.]

[Image description: Two ghosts, one leaning on the other. Speech bubbles read, “Ur head is comfy” and “But I’m intangible”.]