Feelings on Film

My friends captured in 35mm photographs, with snippets of conversations I’ve had which the images reminded me of.

Shot and edited by CJ Calanday

[Image description: Close-up, low-light photograph of Jansh looking down, with white text inside a blue iMessage bubble on the bottom left of the image, saying “let it out tho” “i cant cry anymore it keeps breaking me out”.]

[Image description: Jesley coming down the tube escalators, taken from a low angle. There are grey iMessage bubbles on the top right of the image with the words “idk this just makes me cryyy” “i cant wait to succeed”.]

[Image description: Rei’s tattooed arm with a phone in his hand, scrolling on the screen. There is a white iMessage bubble on the top right with the text “nah its just me being really insecure”.]

[Image description: Low-light photo of Rei smoking, with grey iMessage bubbles on the bottom left corner of the image, reading “Cool” “I’m not 100% about what I want.]

[Image description: Slightly blurry closeup of Jesley’s face. She is sticking her tongue out at the camera. There are grey iMessage bubbles on the top left of the image, with text reading “thank you famm” “i just dont wanna be miserable innit”.]

[Image description: Jesley and Jobelle looking at each other and laughing. They are sat on a bench with a Leytonstone tube sign behind them. There is a grey message bubble on the bottom left, reading “LOOOOOL great minds think alike”.]
[Image description: The side of Keaton’s face; he is smiling with a fry in his mouth. There is a grey text bubble on the right hand side of the photo in his direct eye-line, reading “Stay hip and young damn it”.]

[Image description: Keaton smiling at the camera with his arms up in the air, stretching diagonally across the image. There are bushes and shrubbery in the background and a white text bubble to his right, reading “mood tbh”.]