Self Reflection


Photographed by Zoe Crute
Modeled by Ava Mackaye
When I thought of the idea for this shoot, the difference between how you see yourself and how other people see you came to mind. When looking into a mirror you are looking yourself in the eye which is a very vulnerable situation and I think that that is pretty powerful.

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girl looking through car window)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girls reflection in mirror on the ground)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girl looking at reflection in mirror)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girl sitting against a wall holding a mirror that is reflecting leaves on a tree)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Reflection of girls arm with the sky in the background.)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girl turning to look at the camera with mirror in her hand)

(IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Girl covering her face with mirror, in the mirror a reflection of a wooden fence)