Light and Shadow

A photographic study in black-and-white film that plays with contrast, double exposures, and light and shadow. Captured with 35mm and Holga film cameras.

Photographed by Dajiana Huang
Modeled by Peter Li

(Image description: Three water-filled glass cups sit on a table with sunlight filtering through them.)

(Image description: Light shines through the glass ceiling of a building and reflects patterns on the walls.)

(Image description: Double-exposure Holga photograph of a tunnel in a train station.)

(Image description: A boy sits on a bench in front of a barred window, the shadows of the bars falling around him.)

(Image description: Holga photograph of a boy sitting on the ground next to a fence; the shadow of the fence projecting over him.)

(Image description: Double-exposure of a boy standing with shadows reflecting over his face.)

(Image description: Close-up of a the face of a sculpture with a bright light shining behind it.)