'Fear Enforcement'

Poem by: Anjali Kawa

A short poem on police brutality and the absence of fairness:

A world of brutality,
shouldn’t be the reality.
Fear’s transmitted through the streets,
but it’s a fear of the police.

A blue uniform seems to have replaced the white one,
With a badge and a vest instead of a hood on.
Others speak their mind and end with a full stop,
but the rest just hear a single gunshot.

It seems protection is a misconception,
only certain types of skin seen down at the station.
Every day another death.
Every day a last breath.

Divisions and complexities,
except it isn’t that hard to see,
law enforcement aren’t colour blind.
They’d rather just continue to lie.

Segregation was eradicated,
but freedom is still restricted.
Is there any justice and truth?
Because no one seems to have any proof.