The Golden City

Photos taken with friends on a day trip around San Francisco, CA.

Photographed by Dajiana Huang
Modeled by Angelina Wang and Mira Wong

(Image description: A photo shot from the inside of a tunnel, showing the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.)

(Image description: B&W photo of a girl lifting her arms in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.)

(Image description: Two girls stand in front of a spray-painted wall.)

(Image description: A girl stands in a windswept field, closing her eyes.)

(Image description: A girl stands with her arms shading her face.)

(Image description: A girl stands in front of a grassy hill and smiles.)

(Image description: A girl stands in front of a cracked concrete wall, holding a lit sparkler.)

(Image description: Two girls pose casually next to a telephone pole.)

(Image description: A shot of the San Francisco horizon as the camera approaches a tunnel.)