Summer Lookbook

collage by Sam Falb

Every season has its own specific look, just like you do. Unique taste that caters to your individuality is sometimes the key for walkin' into a room feeling like you own it. The Lookbook Series is composed of members with avidly different tastes in fashion that speak to your soul. Now, let's get this show on the road!

CHARIS (@cozycharis)

OUTFIT: Each season, I tend to be drawn to a different piece of headwear; wide-brimmed hats, beanies, lieutenant caps, and berets have all graced my wardrobe. I picked up a vintage scarf and decided to get creative because though I was infatuated by the patterns, it was much larger than anything I had worn before. This outfit is for summer in the city with 70’s tunes as your soundtrack.

SCARF// thrifted
YELLOW SUNGLASSES// Urban Outfitters
DRESS// & Other Stories
OXFORDS// thrifted
BAG// American Apparel

AMELIA (@foyoutboy)

OUTFIT: Summertime blues are hitting a lot of us hard - that phrase is what inspired this outfit. I felt like, instead of succumbing to them, I’d dress them up: all blue, head to toe, complete with blue glitter under the brows. This is for enjoying the sun and being bright and loud, even when the summer seems never-ending - and is easy and comfortable to wear in the heat!

CHOKER // Dorothy Perkins
TANK TOP // New Look


VIVIAN (@nvstalgic)

OUTFIT: Because the days are long and bright, summer is one of my favourite times to spend in the city. A grey camisole paired with a circle skirt is my to-go outfit for hot + sunny days. (Plus: braids are a cute way of keeping cool). Pair with a denim jacket for cold places (such as the subway or the mall) and a small bag to carry your essentials.

TOP// topshop
SKIRT// hot topic
BAG// thrifted
JACKET// thrifted


TYLER (@tyler.taylorr)

OUTFIT: This summer, the color yellow has been my go-to color for almost everything because it's such a bright, happy color and I think it goes well with my skin tone. This tank top was perfect for this summer, as it has been filled with many hot days and nights. I chose to wear clothing that wouldn't restrict me and also wouldn't trap any residual heat! This outfit is perfect for a hot pool or beach day, or a warm summer night!

BATHING SUIT// PINK by Victoria’s Secret
SKIRT// Pacsun
SHOES// Birkenstock
NECKLACE// Tiffany & Co.


CECE (@ceceyllennoc)
Due to the usual heat index where I love being in the mid 90’s most of the time during the summer months, my outfits have to be light and airy. My skirt is actually a dress layered under a crop top. I would wear this outfit going out with friends or family.

TOP// Red Rose Vintage
DRESS // Red Rose Vintage
HAT// Tuesday Morning


AMY (@krimmeldimmel)

During the summer, I love to experiment with different  outfits and styles. For this look, I was going with a somewhat basic look of a long skirt with a tank top, but the earrings give it a personal twist. I wore this outfit when I went out to dinner with my grandparents.

TOP// Kohls
EARRINGS// Buffalo Exchange

DANIELA (@danii_rmrz)

OUTFIT: Summer brings an infectious vibrancy that encourages me to wear brighter colors from the influence of Miami Beach vibes. The blistering heat and humidity also compel me to wear more shorts and skirts than usual. This look is super simple, yet also fun and practical. The addition of the hat is my favorite as it shows how much I stan the Chicano singer, Cuco, while also bringing some more color to the outfit. It’s perfect to wear for a day out at the beach or to just hang out with friends and family.

BLACK CROP TOP// Charlotte Russe
OVERALLS// Thrifted (Zara)
HAT// Cuco Merchandise
SHOES// Converse