Going On Eighteen: Things People I Love Say To Me

 Photo and Poem By: Peyton Upchurch

Image: Sunflowers in a storefront, Barcelona circa 2015.

you know, you need to slow down just a bit / you have your whole

you’re growing up way too fast, why are you in such

life to work / where have you applied to school / what are you

a hurry? please god make the time slow down.
interested in lately / i haven’t seen you in so long / it feels
you’re growing up way too fast, why are you in such
like you’re never home anymore / I appreciate your passion / take

a hurry? please god  make the time slow down.
it easy / don’t lose your spark / just enjoy being a kid for a
you’re growing up way too fast, why are you in such
little while / the time really does fly, i promise you that / how

a hurry? please god make the time slow down.
are your classes going / can i please have a hug / are you eating
you’re growing up way too fast, why are you in such
enough / promise me you’re eating enough / you look beautiful but
a hurry? please god make the time slow down.
you seem so tired / are you getting enough sleep / let me know
you’re growing up way too fast, why are you in such
when you get there / you make me proud / i love you so much...
a hurry? please god make the time slow down.