A Look Inside the Legion of Honor

[Image description: The entrance to the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco, CA. The building features tall pillars and images are engraved into the structure. The motto "Honneur et Patrie" is engraved into the top of the building.]

Photoset by Jazmin Diaz

This summer, I visited the Legion of Honor art museum in San Francisco, CA. The entire museum was beautiful, from the breathtaking architecture of the building to the artwork inside of it. This photoset features some of my favorite pieces at the museum. All art is part of “The Public and Private” exhibit by Urs Fischer, unless otherwise stated.

[Image description: Two sculptured eyes sit on large red square blocks. The skin around the eyes is purple, while the lifelike irises are hazel.]
Dazzled by Urs Fischer

[Image description: A large portrait of Frankenstein’s monster. His eyes, nose, and lips have been replaced with images of the artist’s own facial features.]
Drained by Urs Fischer

[Image description: A pile of gravel has been poured over a broken bed. The clean white sheets on the bed contrast sharply with the dull grey of the gravel.]
Kratz by Urs Fischer

[Image description: An image of a dark-haired woman is layered with a ghostly mask. The mask features cutouts around her eyes and neck. Her facial features are slightly hazy and her mouth blends into a red spot. After doing further research, it was revealed that the image is a movie portrait of a vampire.]  
Lead and Tin by Urs Fischer

[Image description: A human skeleton arches its back over a wooden chair. The sculpture doubles as a fountain, with pennies scattered at the bottom.]
Invisible Mother by Urs Fischer

[Image description: A French period inspired room. The yellow lighting in the room creates a sense of warmth. A crystal chandelier hangs in the corner of the room. The white walls are decorated with metallic gold details. A mirror sits in the left side of the room.]
Salon Doré from the Hôtel de La Trémoille
developed by Martin Chapman